Out of the Blue Too Art Gallery & More


541 Massachusetts Avenue

Mission Statement

The mission of Out of the Blue Gallery is to organize, support, and present to the public at large the creative efforts of local artists, musicians, and more from our community. The gallery encourages artists of all backgrounds to share with us and celebrate the uniqueness they bring from different cultures, genders, ages and academic backgrounds. Artists of all abilities are given an opportunity to share in the expression of the arts and all of its varieties and forms; painting, music, dance, poetry, short story, acting or singing, and for these same artists to intermingle with those of different disciplines to better be able to grow and learn from each other. The Gallery’s purpose is to bring people together in an inspiring, supportive, and empowering environment.

We are currently raising funds for an impending relocation of the gallery. The gallery has been on Prospect Street, right outside of Central Square, for some time. It has served the community and artists alike as so much more than simply an art gallery. We need your help to keep this thing alive! There is a donation link on the right side. Please consider to help out. Every little bit will help make this move possible and successful.

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Grand Opening Holiday Party and Group Reception

2014-11-11 13.59.31

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Hi friends,
We have been working hard putting the new space together for the past few months & things are finally ready for a PARTY!!! Join us in celebrating the opening of this great new space!

All day we will have different project tables set up with things like painting, leather crafting sculpting even live music all family friendly so bring the kids and come create some art with us.

After 8:30 we will turn the lights down, open the beer & wine bar & rock out with an bunch of local live bands & even a DJ dance party to close the night out!!!!

Free from 11am-8:30pm
$10/door from 8:30-1am
21+ after 830

and the music…!

afternoon 12-6pm

Sam Franklin
Molly Pinto Madigan
Ryan L A Sweezy
Prateek Poddar
Anna Snow
Steve Nardone
Max Bailey

evening 6-9pm

Audrey Harrer
Hands To The Sky
Anubis Pop
Jarva Land
Earth Heart
Crazy people

Nighty night….

Streight Angular
Psychic Dog
All Eyes on Me
a Burlesque Performance
Of The Sun

dj Main Fader
Body Painting by
Adam Canvas Giangregorio

and your invited to be painted !!
HaVe fUn

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The Handies Music Awards

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Come December 14th to Out of the Blue Out of the Blue Too Art Gallery & More

(Dressing up in your own style is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED )

Hosted by the Daley Grimes

Bands & Set Times:

12:00Streight Angular
11:30Robby Roadsteamer
11:00Anubis Pop
10:30Horse Jumper of Love
10:00Bad Look (NYC)
9:30Trusty Sidekick
9:00Trick Wallace Trio
8:30Quaker Cannons
8:00 Live Bipeds
7:30 Linda
7:00 Le Roxy Pro


Tickets are $10
(start saving now, it’s a week away :)

Money goes to Gallery and the Bands

You got it!

Good !

See you there!

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Sunday Craft Fairs


We have hosted two craft fairs so far and there are two more left to get your holiday shopping fix. The vendors will be set up by 1 and vending until 6. Please come over to the gallery to support local artists and craftsmen and your local community. There will be live music as well!

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Open for Business!

2014-10-16 12.50.48

Last Saturday morning, October 11th, we opened the NEW Out of the Blue Too doors for business for the first time! It has been such a successful first few days!! The new location is going to help us thrive and local art and music will be able to flourish even more so. We have even been selling artwork daily, which was not always the case at the Prospect Street location. We cannot explain how excited we are of the endless possibilities the gigantic new space will allow for. Please, come along for the ride!

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We are Moving In!

We are officially hard at work getting set up at the new gallery location at 541 Massachusetts Avenue right in the heart of Central Square! It is coming together quite nicely. We are very excited and hope you are too. We will be subletting space to artists who want a little piece of the gallery to themselves. They can serve as a studio and workspace and display space for retail or a combination of whatever you want. You can come down and check it all out if you want, although we are not open for business quite yet.

Come lend us a hand! Check out our material wish-list tab and see if you can help us with some of that too. We are still accepting donations on our GoFundMe as well. Click the link on the right side if you can donate. This is going to be BIG!!

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