Out of the Blue Too Art Gallery & More Sponsored by 3MJ Realty


We would like to thank our sponsor Morris Naggar and his Realty Group 3MJ Realty for subsidizing our new location!!

541 Massachusetts Avenue


Mission Statement
The mission of Out of the Blue Gallery is to organize, support, and present to the public at large the creative efforts of local artists, musicians, and more from our community. The gallery encourages artists of all backgrounds to share with us and celebrate the uniqueness they bring from different cultures, genders, ages and academic backgrounds. Artists of all abilities are given an opportunity to share in the expression of the arts and all of its varieties and forms; painting, music, dance, poetry, short story, acting or singing, and for these same artists to intermingle with those of different disciplines to better be able to grow and learn from each other. The Gallery’s purpose is to bring people together in an inspiring, supportive, and empowering environment.

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Exciting New Happenings

Wow, we here at the gallery have been so busy and having so much fun continuing to setup the new space! It has been 4 months since we opened the doors at Mass Ave and closed the old gallery on Prospect Street. How time flies! It has been a welcome change to be in a prime retail location and to be selling artwork daily. We are proudly representing 70 local artists and craftsman. The sheer size and unique layout of the new gallery is allowing us to hang many shows. You must see it for your own eyes!

Aside from all this work, we have been doing all we can to acquire our entertainment license so we can host any events, from music, to dance, to performance based. It was not easy and took many arduous steps and wading through a sea of red tape, but we are finally officially licensed and have begun to book music and other events openly. It is really exciting! We have updated our calendar of events with the upcoming shows that have already been booked.

We will now be hosting an open mic every Thursday night from 8 – 11! This will also coincide with an open crafting night on the side. So come in and get creative on Thursday nights in many different ways.

Every third Saturday will be the group reception party. You can expect this to always be an awesome night with live music and the celebration of the artwork hanging in the gallery and to meet some of the artists. We will also be serving alcohol on this night and food provided by Brookline Lunch.

On that note, we also need to make it clear that, while we full licensed for entertainment events, we are a far cry away from affording a liquor license. That means that are only allowed to sell alcohol 30 days a year, which we will need to pay for a liquor license for that day. That works out to only 2 to 3 nights a month, unfortunately.

Therefore, we cannot have people drink or even bring alcohol into the gallery unless it is one of those nights. Please respect this! The city could easily shut us down if they found out people were not abiding by this under our watch.

We are also happy that Stone Soup Poetry and the Story Space, on Monday and Tuesday night respectively, have followed us in the move to new location and still call Out of the Blue home. They are growing in numbers, too!

We here at the gallery are very enthusiastic about how Out of the Blue Too is evolving from the original concepts that have already been established and can’t wait to see where this all goes. Go check out the calendar of events to keep up to date with what is happening. You can click to the right to follow our website by entering your email. Your email will then be placed on our mailing list, which we have compiled and are sending out emails to keep you up to date.

Feel free to email us at ootbgallery@gmail.com with any questions or artist submissions..

Let’s keep this train rollin’!

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Open for Business!

2014-10-16 12.50.48

Last Saturday morning, October 11th, we opened the NEW Out of the Blue Too doors for business for the first time! It has been such a successful first few days!! The new location is going to help us thrive and local art and music will be able to flourish even more so. We have even been selling artwork daily, which was not always the case at the Prospect Street location. We cannot explain how excited we are of the endless possibilities the gigantic new space will allow for. Please, come along for the ride!

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We are Moving In!

We are officially hard at work getting set up at the new gallery location at 541 Massachusetts Avenue right in the heart of Central Square! It is coming together quite nicely. We are very excited and hope you are too. We will be subletting space to artists who want a little piece of the gallery to themselves. They can serve as a studio and workspace and display space for retail or a combination of whatever you want. You can come down and check it all out if you want, although we are not open for business quite yet.

Come lend us a hand! Check out our material wish-list tab and see if you can help us with some of that too. We are still accepting donations on our GoFundMe as well. Click the link on the right side if you can donate. This is going to be BIG!!

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