Out of the Blue Art Gallery

Mission Statement

The mission of Out of the Blue Gallery is to organize, support, and present to the public at large the creative efforts of local artists, musicians, and more from our community. The gallery encourages artists of all backgrounds to share with us and celebrate the uniqueness they bring from different cultures, genders, ages and academic backgrounds. Artists of all abilities are given a chance to share in the expression of the arts and all of its varieties and forms; painting,music,dance, poetry, short story, acting or singing.

The Gallery’s purpose is to bring people together in an inspiring ,supportive, and empowering environment.

We are currently raising funds for an impending relocation of the gallery. The gallery has been on Prospect Street, right outside of Central Square, for some time. It has served the community and artists alike as so much more than simply an art gallery. We need your help to keep this thing alive! There is a donation link on the right side. Please consider to help out. Every little bit will help make this move possible and successful.

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Save Out of the Blue Gallery Benefit–BBQ-Yard Sale-Music #3


106 Prospect St., Cambridge, MA
$10, donation after 5pm
you get one prize ticket
additional tickets $1. each

All kinds of prizes from art and all kinds of cool stuff
Sidewalk Sale

art n stuff n more
and featuring leather by


Leather Pixie will also have some of her creations featured on the wall

BBQ and Acoustic Music


American Echoes.approx 930

Music by…

Rob Potylo
Joe’s Truck Stop
Whiskey Warpath
Sam Franklin
Accordion Sandwich
Anda Volley
Ryan Wilcox
Andrew Mello
Chestnut Hullabaloo
Andrew Scandal
Audrey Harrer
Hands To The Sky
Nicole D’Amico
Earth Heart
Crazy people


American Echoes

improv dance performances by
thank you all for your support..!
we are going to do the best we can to
have fun
support all of your art..music.. and more
and bring people together
love you all

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Lottery which can potentially give OOTB a decent chunk of change

Host of the Dire Literary Series, held at the OOTB, Timothy Gager has a novel coming out very soon.

Bill Sloan Cover


He’s heading to San Diego, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Portland in October to tour it. He has started a gofundme site ( http://www.gofundme.com/bi975w ) to get him there, but is offering to give back half of what is donated to charity. It’s a way to feel good about this gofundme thing.

How can this help OOTB? The 50% charity portion will be up around $500. If people donate only five dollars, it will tip the scales for the drawing and that winner can give the prize to the gallery.

Every individual donation puts one chance in a drawing and the winner will be able to donate in their name to their favorite charity 50% of what is made (after the reward incentives).

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Fagettes..Secret Lover..Al Marantz & the Piffs

Out of the Blue and into the ZuZu
At the Zuzu
The Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub


930 door

The Fagettes

Secret Lover

Al Marantz & the Piffs

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