Artist Opportunities

Are you an artist looking for a friendly space to work and/or display your art? Would you like to organize meetings and events involving art? Out of the Blue Too’s aim is to give a chance of visibility to local artists and increase the interaction with the local community. We offer space for paintings, prints, photography, installations, and other media including projections and film, ceramics, jewelry, and woodwork. 

To submit your art for our wall, please click HERE! Feel free to stop by to check out the available spaces, as well. Out of the Blue Too works on a consignment basis and does not purchase art outright. We will assist you in hanging your art or displaying it in the proper designed space, taking care of its preservation and exposure to the public. We offer many different negotiable options on a monthly basis. Contact us with any questions at and cc 

Space rentals
Renting a space ranges from $150-500.  Feel free to inquire if you are interested in renting a space. We have 6x7x8 foot spaces with windows and privacy, as well as some public viewing. We also have a $500/month private office space for classes, massage, etc.

Class rentals
Class rentals are $35-50/hr. These are in the full-length public space and include ample floor-length mirrors and dance-able floors.

Wall rentals (rotating)
Artists make 75% of their hanging cost participating in our rotating monthly shows. We have three galleries and each is $25/month.

Show rentals
$150/2 hours.
$250/3 hours.

Other Options
Other options may be available depending on the situation. Talk to business manager Parama Chattopadhyay at