Events Booking

Are you a musician, a performer, are you looking for a space for any kind of art-related event?  You can take advantage of our space and stage. We can host any kind of event, and make the best out of it!

The capacity of the gallery is 99, which includes gallery staff and the people involved with the event. Out of the Blue Too is an all ages venue. We do not have a bar nor can we allow people bringing in their own alcohol. Outside drinks are allowed to be brought in so long as they are not alcoholic. Food is allowed to be brought in as well. Snacks and refreshments can be served at events if you would like to provide them for your attendees.


Gallery staff can be on hand to help with setup and breakdown of events and can handle taking suggested donations for events at the door if need be. However, it is much appreciated for the organizer of the event to provide someone to handle working the door.

We rent the gallery event space for all types of events including live concerts for:

50$ per hour for Sunday through Thursday

75$ per hour for Friday and Saturday.


By renting the room this way, you have the option to collect money at the door and to keep what is collected.

For the booking of live music, there is also the option to do a door split. When doing a door split, the gallery gets a minimum depending on the day of week where the first portion of door money collected will be kept and the second portion of equivalent money will go to the bands or promoter.

Here is the breakdown of how the split works depending on day of the week and what is retained:

Sunday:         $125
Monday:         $100
Tuesday:        $100
Wednesday:  $125
Thursday:      $150
Friday:            $200
Saturday:       $200

There is a PA system that can used for any event with mics, stands, and cables ready for use.  There are approximately 50 folding chairs available for use.  We have a projector and projector screen for films, slideshows, presentations, and other visual components of events.

We look forward to making your event happen!

Contact us for a one-of-a-kind, tailor made experience! Shoot us an email at or pop by to take a look at our location.


Our recurrent events
As weekly events we are currently hosting The Stone Soup Poetry and Dire Literary Series.
We also organize our own Out of the Blue Artist Market, which takes place every Saturday.