Events Booking

Are you a musician or performer? Are you looking for a space for any kind of art-related event?  You can take advantage of our space and stage. Contact us for a one-of-a-kind, tailor made experience. Shoot us an email at or pop by to take a look at our location.

About the space:

12439014_1674885516059519_9084443939601917806_nThe capacity of the gallery is 99, which includes gallery staff and the people involved with the event. Out of the Blue Too is an all-ages venue. We do not have a bar nor can we allow people to bring in their own alcohol. Outside drinks are allowed to be brought in so long as they are not alcoholic. Food is allowed to be brought in as well. Snacks and refreshments can be served at events if you would like to provide them for your attendees.

There is a PA system that can used for any event with mics, stands, and cables ready for use.  There are approximately 50 folding chairs available for use.  We have a projector and projector screen for films, slideshows, presentations, and other visual components of events.

Gallery staff can be on hand to help with setup and breakdown of events and can handle taking suggested donations for events at the door if need be. However, it is much appreciated if the organizer of the event can provide someone to handle working the door.


The Gallery requires a minimum of $100 for an evening event, which includes a deposit of $50 at the time of booking a date. You can send this $50 deposit via PayPal to The Gallery will retain the first $50 from the door (fulfilling your $100 obligation to the Gallery). After 10 people at $10/person, you will be making money. The next $100 will go to the “show” or the organizer of the show. After $200, we will split 50/50. We’ve found that this is a very artist-friendly policy. Other flat-rate arrangements can be made–talk to owner Tom Tipton.

We look forward to making your event happen!